Monday, September 15, 2014

Let's Talk Hair

My hair is a constant struggle for me. I've been coloring it since I was a teenager and at this point, I think I'm a natural ashy brunette. I've had various hair dressers tell me I'm an ashy blonde (I was born blonde), but the darkness of my roots tells a different story. I'm at the point where I'm so tired of my roots that I'm thinking of dying my hair brown just to be done with the constant upkeep. And while I'm at it, maybe I'll chop it all off so that I just don't have to deal with it anymore. But I wonder if I could be incentivized to keep it long and flowy. I mean, I love the look of beautiful, long flowing locks, but I don't naturally have them. (I can get pretty nice waves if I leave my hair in a bun all day.)

And then I learned that Caitriona Balfe, the actress that plays Claire Beauchamp Randall on Outlander, had to perm her hair to play the character. It was like the skies parted, the heavens opened, and inspiration stuck. What if I permed my hair?

I mean, if her hair looks that freaking gorgeous clearly good perms exist now. And then I started reading about it and I bet you didn't know this, but perms became all the rage in 2013. You know all those actresses with lovely beachy curls? Likely perms. Shocking, right? So I did some more reading and apparently you don't have to look like your 8th grade self in all its spiral perm and giant banged glory. You can look like you spent hours curling your hair all with a perm. So I started looking around and inspiration struck me. I kind of love Caitriona's hair. I mean, it's just lovely. And yes, I'd even go back to being a brunette if I had such lovely curly locks.

Obviously I don't look like Caitriona, nor have her bone structure, but her hair sure is purty. Something to think about since my attempts at capturing Christina Hendricks's hair have failed.

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  1. She does have beautiful hair. I love your hair long. Just saying. :)


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