Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lovely New Purse

When we were in Maine we visited a town called Camden whose Main Street if filled with lovely shops and restaurants. After dinner, Alan, Angie, and I decided to stick around town to wander around a bit while the other Taylors and my mom went back to the cottage. My goal was to find something I could take home as a souvenir of our trip. This usually amounts to a print of some kind or a Christmas ornament.

We walked into one shop and right away Alan was like, "this is your favorite kind of store." Yes, yes it was. I wanted one of everything. Making my way to the back of the store I spied a set of three identical purses in different colors. I picked one of them up, lovingly, thinking how perfect it would be for me.

You see, I've been looking for a good purse for quite some time, and I had very specific requirements. It had to be large enough to fit my laptop for when I go to work or travel for work. It had to have handles so that I could carry it on my shoulder. It had to be durable. And it most definitely needed a zipper closure (I can't tell you how many times things have fallen out of my purse while flying - I don't know how it even happens). This purse fit the bill perfectly. And it was a neutral color too which was great since the purse I'd been carrying on this trip was a bright pink print (I bought it on Etsy years ago when those hobo bags were all the rage). I checked the price tag - $125. Not cheap, especially since it wasn't leather. Then again, a leather bag like that would have been in the $300 range, easy.

I set the purse down because I didn't think Alan would be too keen on me asking for a purse on a whim. After all, I hadn't actually been looking for a purse. A few minutes later, he walked over to the purse and told me how much he liked it. I laughed and told him that I wanted it. He looked at me questioningly; after all, how could I know I wanted a purse in seconds. I told him I'd been looking at it a few minutes earlier but thought he wouldn't want me to get it and since I wasn't carrying a wallet, he'd have to pay for it. A few seconds later and we were walking up to the desk to pay the fine ladies of the shop.

I immediately put the purse to use, using it to carry my sweater and camera around town. And I used it again the other day when I had to go to work. As I imagined, it fits my computer perfectly, plus all the other stuff I somehow manage to carry with me on a daily basis.

All told, I really, really, really love this purse. PURSE1 New purse