Friday, January 10, 2014


So, our lease is up in less than a month, and then we go month-to-month.

(1) I can't believe we've been here a year. It truly does not seem like it - at all.

(2) We think we want to move again. Alas, I just don't think we're cut out for having neighbors above us. We've talked to them about it, and I'm sure they don't think they're being loud, but sweet baby Jesus, it's driving me crazy. Also, I'm just not cut out for a place that is this urban - I need some grass and trees. And squirrels. Definitely squirrels. Damn I miss those fig stealing a-holes.

So, we've been randomly looking at different neighborhoods and housing options and it's really hard to get a house here that is as nice as our last house - or heck, as nice as our current condo - for less than $4500. Yes, you read that right. There have been cheaper houses on the market, but they're all very quirky (one in a perfect location, was actually a one bedroom cottage they marketed as a 2 br/ 2ba, but to get to the 2nd bedroom and bathroom you had to go outside, walk down some stairs, and go through a separate entrance) or just kind of run down. I saw an ad for one place whose kitchen was carpeted and the picture showed a cabinet door hanging off its hinge. It was asking $3100/mo.

So now we're at the point where we either say screw it, stay here, and have me having an apoplectic fit every time our five foot tall, one hundred pound neighbor stomps around at 7 a.m. in her heels, or we buy a place here and pay less for a mortgage than we would for rent. Of course, then you're back to that whole godforsaken 20% down problem which pretty much depletes your savings in this real estate market.

So, we've pretty much got some thinking to do. And quick.