Wednesday, October 09, 2013


Have you ever wanted something that made absolutely no sense whatsoever to want and yet you couldn't stop coveting it? Yeah, that's me with cars. You see, I really, really, really want a luxury vehicle. I've wanted one forever (it probably began when my dad bought me a $50 beater when I got my license that eventually caught on fire) and no matter what logical arguments that are presented to me, I can't stop The Coveting. What's worse is that we don't really drive all that often. We have a 2010 Toyota Highlander with less than 20,000 miles on it. We bought it because we were tired of looking at cars and we knew it'd be reliable and wouldn't cause any problems. But, but ... it's not NICE. It's just ... there. It runs great, we can carry anything we want, and it gets decent mileage (for an SUV). But I don't get giddy when I look at it. I don't walk up to it and think, "that's damn sexy." I'm trying to convince Alan that we need to get a new car but he has many (very legitimate) arguments against it: we don't drive a lot, we are trying to be more economical, this car will last us a long time with minimal maintenance ... And yet, I can't stop wanting. My latest obsession is an Audi Q5. We test drove it a couple of weekends ago and Oh Goodness. I love it. Talk me out of it people.

I mean, I know it makes absolutely no sense to get a more expensive car when the one we have works fine. Heck, it works better than fine. But ... it's such a soccer mom car. Every time I see a family driving a Toyota Highlander, it's always an angry mom dragging her kids to the car while yelling at them to behave (this is only a slight exaggeration). Clearly we are not the right demographic for this vehicle. 

I just picture us driving the Q5 up the coast in February (like we did with the Highlander a few December's ago) and the thought just makes me so happy. It's just so luxurious inside. And the drive? Wow, it's so nice. 

So yeah, I covet.