Thursday, August 01, 2013


Have y'all heard about these Throwback Thursday meme making the rounds on Facebook and Instagram? For the past several weeks I have been seeing a lot of cute, old photos from friends and acquaintances, so I thought I'd throw one into the mix.

I'm guessing I was six and Jenny was four.

Our bangs were EPIC, no?

The funny thing about this picture is that I'm pretty sure that six year old little girl looks pretty much exactly like the (nearly) 36 year old woman I've grown up to be. A lot of times I've seen kids grow up to look nothing like they did when they were young, but yup. I'm pretty much exactly the same today as I was back then.

Another funny thing about this picture is that I tend to think that Jenny's girls look more like her than her son does in that I generally think of him as looking more like her husband's side of the family. But here? Yeah, that's Josh.