Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I'm trying to distract myself from the fact that for the third night in a row, helicopters are hovering over my neighborhood, circling downtown/uptown Oakland covering the violent protests that are taking place in the city. Just this weekend we were in the same part of town learning to curl. Yes, that niche Olympic sport most commonly associated with Canada. Between my love for Tofino, my obsession with poutine, and now my learning a Canadian sport, when can I get my honorary citizenship?

Sadly, there aren't any pictures of me in action because ... I was pretty darn terrible. I actually fell flat on my face at one point. I looked like I was doing slip & slide instead of trying to elegantly slide down the ice. I was much better at sweeping, but holy heck my back hurt the next day. Alan though? He was actually good. Then again, he's pretty good at everything he tries. Sometimes I think I hate him. :-)

I title this one, "What have I gotten myself into?"