Thursday, March 14, 2013


So, I finally bought a rug for our kitchen from Rugs USA. I don't know if I love it yet (mostly because it hasn't arrived), but I'll post pics when I get it.

I've also been obsessing over a hallway runner. I've looked at Persian rugs, Ikats, Afghan, sisal, etc. And I've found probably 100 different ones I like, but nothing that was the combination of perfect size with perfect look.

Then today I found a rug that was so far from anything I thought I wanted, but I really, really, really wanted it. And the price is pretty decent. I'm tempted. Oh so tempted. The problem? It's brown & cream. Our condo is an explosion of beige right now. I was using rugs to inject some life & personality. But it's gorgeous, no?

Also, I may have "accidentally" bid on this rug for the area where our dining nook will eventually reside once we finish packing and arranging. I never win eBay bids, so we'll see.

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  1. Mike Carter8:18 AM

    Thanks so much for sharing these pictures. I just moved into a new house and I think that getting some hallway runners is the way to go to spruce up my floors. But just like you, I have to find the right design that is going to match the ambiance of my rooms.


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