Thursday, January 17, 2013


After making use of our timeshare for the past ten years or so, we've decided to let it go. It would be perfect for a family that likes to go to the same places year after year, but that's just not us anymore. I've loved going to Hawaii every year with it, but I've got the itch to explore new places in Hawaii, and abroad and so it's time to say goodbye.

I put an ad up on Craigslist today. I hope someone wants it and makes use of it as much as we have. I mean, going to Hawaii every year? Yeah, that doesn't suck. Not at all.

So, if you know anyone that's looking for a timeshare, send 'em my way. We've already paid the dues for this year (about $850/year) and there's still plenty of time to book. We're asking $2000 free and clear.

Look at how awesome some of these condos have been:

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  1. I wish! but i wouldnt be able to go enough to make it worth it. good luck!!


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