Friday, October 05, 2012


The replacement rug for our bedroom arrived the other day. After airing it out, we moved everything last night. The quality of the rug is in keeping with the price (cheap - $87!) but it's a good option for us as we have to switch out rugs every couple of years anyhow.

I love the red with the brown and white walls. It just feels so perfectly masculine. As you can see from the photo above, Dakota seems to be a fan as well.


  1. Gretchen Holcombe2:39 PM

    Ooh! Where did the cheap rug come from? I need something just like that for my den....and with all our dogs and cats rugs are pretty disposable around here, too.

  2. Ashley Izsak6:03 AM

    we recently bought a "persian" rug for our entryway and normally we wouldn't have considered something looking so traditional but i am loving it there and i love this one in your room too (can't believe you found one that big for that price - quality aside).

  3. It was originally $100-and-something but I had a coupon and shipping was free.


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