Friday, October 12, 2012


With selling our house next Spring, the thought of taking our two-week trip to England in May was a little daunting, so I switched up our travel plans for 2013 a bit. Last night I booked our plane tickets for a four-night trip to a place we've visited three times already, but really love going to.

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I don't know where we're staying yet, but you know I really enjoy doing the research. Ideally I'd like to stay somewhat close to the theater district because we plan on seeing a handful of shows (side note: tickets for The Book of Mormon are damn expensive!), but I also realize that everything's easy to get to with the subway. The hotel I like the best is super expensive, but it is our anniversary trip and our airfare was super cheap on Virgin America, so maybe we splurge? I don't know. I grew up poor and there's always a part of me that cringes at spending a lot of money on hotels unless there's a particularly good reason. I would also prefer to stay in a boutique property instead of a big chain like the Hilton or Sheraton. There's also another hotel that I really like, but it's in the Financial District and that seems like a long way from everything. I know on Selling NY there's that one realtor that always tries to convince people that the Financial District is awesome, but it does seem so far away. Then, of course, are the Kimpton properties. We had an excellent experience in Seattle, so I'm happy to give them our business. This hotel would be my choice of their available properties, but it's the most expensive option given the room that I want to book. (Putting this paragraph together, I'm heavily leaning toward the Kimpton property.)

Other things we/I want to do include:

  • A tenement walking tour
  • Visit the Guggenheim
  • Brunch at Sarabeth's
  • Dinner at Babbo
  • Drinks at McSorley's
  • Go to the Statue of Liberty

What's your favorite thing to do in NYC?


  1. The CEO at my old job used to stay at the Gild when he was in town. So I believe it's quite nice. Everything in Manhattan is close and easy to get to, in the grand scheme of things (and express trains would get you between theatres and downtown in a jiffy), but I'd say the downside of staying in FiDi on the weekends is that NOTHING is open. It's a total ghost town!

    The tenement walking tours are awesome. SO interesting. I warn you about McSorley's though - don't go in the evenings, it's frat boy central! Also tiny and crowded!

  2. We started going to McSorley's when Alan was a frat boy (albeit the frat with the outcasts and misfits), so maybe that's why it doesn't bother me? :-)

  3. That's what I'm worried about with the FiDi. I think I'm leaning toward Eventi, which I think is in Chelsea.

  4. Ha! I think I have a very low tolerance for drunken NYU students after living in the East Village for 4 years!

  5. Shannon8foot64:56 AM

    We cash in our star woods points when we go to NYC. That way, it feels like we are getting a free hotel!!!! Next time we go I want to check out the flea/second hand markets that Jenny from little green notebook has mentioned.

    my fav thing is walking around people watching!!!!! That's my fav thing everywhere we go!!!

  6. I try to avoid flea markets after dragging Alan through the wrong end of the one in Trastavere. I am a terrible flea shopper. :-)


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