Thursday, August 23, 2012


Since I don't consider work or family trips vacation (sorry Portland, Montana, and Ohio), I feel like we haven't really gone anywhere since our trip to Maui in February. Sometimes it's hard to believe that was  over six months ago, and other times it feels like years ago. I've been feeling a bit travel obsessed lately - I think I was a gypsy in a former life - so it's exciting to know that we've got several good trips on the horizon.


I just cashed in our Alaska mileage points for first class upgrade to/from the Island so I'm even MORE giddy than I was yesterday about this trip. The first - and last - time I flew first class was for my 30th birthday trip to Oahu five years ago. It somehow seems fitting that I'm going back to the islands in style for my 35th birthday.


We're spending two weeks in December in Tofino this year which is a departure from our last two trips there which took place in August/September timeframe. I've long wanted to see the winter storms that smack the coastline, so we've rented a house right on Chesterman Beach. The other night I booked our airfare to Vancouver using a combination of Citibank reward points and cash so we're squared away there. Usually we rent a car at the airport, drive to the ferry, take a two hour boat trip across the straight to Vancouver Island, and then drive another three hours to Tofino. Because this trip smalls smack dab in the middle of winter and we're worried about the conditions on Sutton Pass, we've decided instead to hop on a commuter flight from YVR to the airport in Tofino. We're renting a car at the Tofino airport which is much more expensive than getting a car in Vancouver, but we have the added peace of mind knowing that if there is snow on Highway 4, we don't have to worry about it.

And in May 2013, we're finally going back to Europe. Specifically, England. The current, subject to change on my whims, plan is to spend a week in London and then a week in the Cotswolds exploring the countryside, including Bath, Oxford, and Stratford upon Avon. I'm trying to decide if we can fit in a day trip to York, but with only two weeks, there's so much to see in the two regions I've already pinpointed that it might be difficult. So difficult, in fact, that this time around we eliminated Scotland from the itinerary altogether. Instead, we're going to - at some point in the future - devote a whole trip to just Scotland. Keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't take us forever. 

So yeah, lots and lots of great travel on the horizon.