Thursday, August 02, 2012


In addition to shower curtains, I kind of have a problem with pillows - specifically decorative throw pillows. A few years ago I managed to curb this random obsession so I've had the same down-filled ones for quite awhile now. Then last year I bought new textured white covers for them. It was a great way to brighten up what is a naturally dark room and add some contrast among all of the tan and brown going on in my living room. Then, a couple of months after that I was at Homegoods and I came across some giant square pillows that would look great flanking the ends of our couch. I've talked about them before - they're beautiful but the actual pillow is very wimpy and over the last year they've lost their shape. They're very sad and slouchy now. Obviously this means I need new throw pillows, right? Right.

So really, it's not Beth's fault that I am lusting after these finds from CB2 - a store, incidentally, I never really think about when it comes time to go shopping for home decor items. How great would these look in my living room?

rbp 18 inch oat pillow

ranch 18x12 pillow


varanasi 18 inch pillow

q white 20 inch pillow

I might have to check out what else CB2 has in store. Any feedback from frequent shoppers?

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  1. My only feedback is do not start getting their catalogue or you will be inclined to purchase more than just pillows...they have great prices :)  Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


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