Thursday, June 28, 2012


So, we've actually had quite a bit of stuff going on here at the casa, but I haven't blogged about any of it. I am, in a word, remiss.

We finally - FINALLY! - did one of the big projects we've been talking about tackling for a long ass time. A front gate. And it's a beauty.

As you can see, Alan also tore out all of our dying boxwoods and tilled the dirt there. We thought we were going to plant two ginko trees but did you know that they (1) don't sell big trees and (2) the little ones they do sell take forever and an effing day to grow? Yeah, neither did I. So we had to call an audible while at the nursery. Instead we came home with a Green Seedling Japanese Maple for $175. It's not the $650 beautiful burgundy one that I was lusting after, but I'm sure it'll be just as beautiful in time. At least it better be because I have a feeling this was my one chance at Japanese mapledom in this house and I'll be mightily pissed if he doesn't hold up his end of the bargain. 

I don't know what, specifically, we're going to do about the landscaping around the tree. There is talk of using bark, as we've done on the other side of the driveway. That will require some sort of barrier between the land and the cement. But obviously it can't go all the way along the cement to the gate because ... well, duh. So we must think on this. I wonder if my neighbors would mind terribly if I moved their unsightly bucket of weeds from that area when we landscape. They're moving and renting the house so maybe we'll do it after they leave and before the new folks move in. 

We had hoped the guy who did our fence would also be the guy we could use for turning our laundry room into a 2nd bathroom (well, half bath really). We talked through it with him and he said he'd need to noodle on it and he'd get back to us. Only, he hasn't. So I guess he's not interested. Oh well. You can't win 'em all.


  1. Janhuny5:40 PM

    Thorny rose bushes also do a fine job of keeping trespassers from trespassing.

  2. Ooh, your gate is so pretty! And I think you should replace the weeds in the bucket with really pretty flowers. "I have no idea how those got there!" And then they'll move them somewhere they can enjoy them. Or your plan might work too.

  3. I think I'm just going to kick it into their yard. :-)

  4. My dad planted rose bushes outside my bedroom window when I was in junior high. 


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