Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Since I started working from home (a year ago tomorrow) I've been bereft of a cork board and calendar. About six weeks ago I picked up a package of four cork tiles from Target for $7.99, and placed an order for what I thought was a huge calendar from One Kings Lane. The calendar arrived and it was much smaller than I had anticipated - especially for the price - but still very lovely.

This weekend I opened the cork board and was really disappointed with the quality. First, it's thin - thumbtacks go all the way through it and hit the wall. It's also very flimsy. One of the corners of one tile has already crumbled off. At $7.99 it's a fine intermediate fix but I think at some point I'll need to pony up some cash for a heavy duty framed cork board, or make one myself using much thicker tiles.

If you'll recall, this is what the space looked like before:

And here's that wall now:


  1. Wow, your office space is very organized and
    artistically designed. Were you the one who decorated it? I’m sure you are
    really enjoying your home based job while working in this kind of ambiance.

  2. Hi Blake,

    Thanks for the compliment. Yes, I decorated the entire office space by myself. But I'm sure you guessed as such given the rest of the tone of my blog, right?


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