Tuesday, January 31, 2012


When we bought our house nearly six years ago, the light fixtures in most of the room were brand new so we didn't want to spend the money to replace them, even though they weren't particularly to our style (nipple lights, anyone?) or provided adequate lighting for the rooms they were in. Here we are years later, transforming the major rooms at the core of our house, and I'm thinking a lot about what I want to do about the lighting situation. Because of the situation of our house on our lot, and the proximity of the neighbors, we don't get much natural light in any room except my office. We definitely need something that is going to brighten up the space, while at the same time adhering to the style we're looking to have in each room. I've long coveted a few chandeliers from Pottery Barn, but I just don't think most of them are right for the space. There are two, however, that I really do love and think would look great in our rustic eclectic elegance craftsman space. (I used a mish-mash naming convention like on Secrets from a Stylist.)

Veranda Linear Chandelier
Veranda Linear Chandelier - $329

Exeter 16-Jar Pendant
Exeter 16-Jar Pendant - $399

In looking for the two previous images, I stumbled across a few new chandys at PotteryBarn.com and I think I'm in love. Totally wrong for our space, but oh so right in so many other regards.

Clarissa Glass Drop Rectangular Chandelier
Clarissa Glass Drop Chandelier - $449

Stanyan Lantern
Stanyan Lantern - $399

Capiz Pendant
Capiz Pendant - $199

Townsend Oversized Hammered Pendant
Townsend Oversized Hammered Pendant - $449

I've also recently seen a few beautiful options on Ballard Designs. I always forget about that store and I don't know why since they have such beautiful things available for all different styles.

Eldridge Rectangular Chandelier
Eldridge Rectangular Chandelier - $399

Stafford 5-Light Chandelier
Stafford 5-Light Chandelier - $379

In addition to chandeliers, we also need to think about flush-mount styles for the living room. This one is a bit harder because nothing seems quite right for the space, but I do really love all of these.

Morgan Ceiling Mount
Morgan Ceiling Mount - $169
Ballard Designs

Stafford Ceiling Mount
Stafford Ceiling Mount - $179
Ballard Designs

Julian Flushmount
Julian Flushmount - $149
Pottery Barn

Hundi Semi-Flushmount
Hundi Semi-Flushmount - $199
Pottery Barn

What are some of your favorite lighting sources?


  1. Lowe's (especially their Allen + Roth line) and Home Depot have some surprisingly good lighting options. I know I have seen a knock off of the Veranda Linear Chandelier somewhere. Have you looked online at Overstock, Lamps Plus, or Shades of Light?

  2. The Home Depot near us has a craptastic lighting selection. Half the time they don't update their displays so the lights you see are not the ones that are available. I wish there was a Lowe's closer to us because I like that store so much better.

    I looked at Overstock but didn't love the finishes on the ones that I thought could be options. I hadn't thought to look at Lamps Plus and I'm not familiar with Shades of Light. I should check 'em out.


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