Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Tour of Homes: Lakewood, Ohio

The next stop in my series on Homes for Sale Across America (in Places that Have Cold Weather) is Lakewood, Ohio. Located about 25 minutes from my sister's house in Elyria, Lakewood is located on the shores of Lake Erie, ten minutes from Downtown Cleveland. Travel + Leisure has named Lakewood one of the Top 10 Suburbs in the USA; in 2010 Businessweek named it one of the Best Places to Raise Your Kids; and in 2008 This Old House Magazine chose it as the best city in the Midwest to buy a house in. Not a bad list of commendations, eh? I find it to be a quaint, mid-sized city with an excellent location for parks & recreation, and access to the major job centers in Cleveland while still maintaining a reasonable cost of living.


  1. Monique J9:09 AM

    Just hope you are holding up okay with the Occupy Oakland so near to your door. Nothing makes you happier about your city/town (*insert sarcasm here*) than seeing it on the national news for what pretty much seems like rioting. Enjoy your blog, love your writing style and am slightly envious of your travels.

  2. Thankfully the Occupy protests haven't affected our neighborhood too much, excepting the constant drove of helicopter whirring overhead. Sadly, Oakland is never on the news for anything good. 

    Thanks for stopping by and the comments about my writing style and our travels. I kind of just shoot from the hip in how I write so it's not for all.


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