Tuesday, November 01, 2011


I don't often comment on the posts on Design*Sponge - either here or there - because ... well ... I don't like many of 'em (shhh, don't tell). It's not that I think those homes are ugly or without merit, but rather that they don't meet my particular aesthetic or they don't seem particularly warm or welcoming. But today I came across one worth talking about when I clicked  on the Sneak Peek for Charity D'Amato. Tell me that first photo doesn't immediately draw you in.

I love that collection of portraits, and her little pug asleep on those adorable chairs that are both somehow so out of place and perfectly at home in that room made me want to see more. And then I saw that she's from Lakewood, Ohio, one of my favorite communities in Ohio, near my sister's place. And you all know how much I love Western Ohio (despite its oft-maligned state).

This post gives me the perfect inspiration for the next stop on my tour of homes for sale across America (but only in places that have cold weather).