Saturday, October 29, 2011


It's the Saturday before Halloween and I'm sitting here in my living room in Northern California in the green dress I wore in Hawaii. Why? Because it's hot as hell up in here. This is not right. It's Autumn, for goodness sake! I should be in jeans and sweaters and boots right now. I should be all snuggly and warm. Instead I'm wearing as little clothes as possible to still be considered decent. Just another reason to want out of this place: I need me some cold and gray.

I was thinking about it yesterday when all of my East Coast friends on Facebook and Twitter were talking about the cold front coming through their areas. In Pittsburgh it's snowing. We always used to love when it snowed right before Halloween. It made the night so much more festive (admittedly, we had a really great time on Halloween every year because we had such great friends that loved the holiday as much - if not more - than we did).  My co-workers in Portland are breaking out their winter coats and firing up the fire places. I'm opening the windows and sleeping with the fan on at night.

This just isn't natural. It should be cold in October.

In keeping with my "GET ME OUT OF HERE" post of the other day, here's a sneak peek at some houses for sale across the country in places where it's sweater weather. Places where there are four seasons. Places where it snows. Let's take a tour shall we? First stop - PORTLAND.

Portland - $484,900
Portland - $480,000