Friday, October 21, 2011


One of the best things I learned from my step-grandma growing up (besides, of course, poker with pinto beans as currency and loteria) is how to crochet. As kids my sister and I would spend hours crocheting pot holder handles, baby blankets, pot holders, etc. In college I even made myself a blanket (seen in this post) which was quite the accomplishment. In fact, I think that may be the last time I finished a crocheting project.

The past couple of months I've been wanting to take it up again so while I was at Michaels I looked at yarn and needles and books. Um, I didn't understand a word those books said. Did y'all know stitches have names? And that there are a lot of numbers involved in crocheting? I have no recollection of how Grandma taught us to crochet, but we did not learn any of that stuff (at least I don't remember learning any of that stuff - Jenny?).  I could have been looking at a book in Russian and I would have been able to follow it just as well, which is to say NOT AT ALL.

So I'm thinking maybe I'll find a class at the local yarn shop in my neighborhood and maybe they can teach me "the right way" to crochet so that I can make something besides a straight row. Unfortunately the reviews on Yelp for this place are terrifying (apparently they're quite rude to customers), so maybe I'll check out a class at Michaels or something. I don't know. All I know is that I want to learn to crochet, for reals.

Oops, I've been told these last two pictures are actually knitted blankets. Well damn. Maybe I'll learn to knit too.


  1. We learned the granny square.  You do know some other stitches - your blanket is proof of that, but hell if I can remember what they're called.  When I follow a pattern (rare because it takes a lot of thinking), I have to have the abbreviations with what they actually are, right next to me.  Those are usually found in the back of the book.  If I could figure out how to crochet and study at the same time, I would so be there. :) 

    And, I think the middle one is actually knitting. 

    As for where to go, I'm sure you could try Michael's, but I wonder if there isn't a stitch group that meets up.  They're usually in college towns (Oberlin has one) or more progressive towns (Lakewood has them), but we do not.  I'd create one, but, you know, busy and all that.  Some are children friendly, most aren't (a lot of moms wanting to escape) and often will include wine.  And they usually welcome new peeps.

    Oh, Sean also got me a DVD, I need to watch it, lol, he meant to get the knitting one.  I tried to return it without the receipt and they wanted to give me half of what he paid, so I held on to it and then Josh ripped the plastic off and now they won't take it.  So, I have it here, hoping to watch it one day, since I still can't crochet hats or circles.  Plus I figured I could learn for real.

    And, there are knitting ones online, so I imagine there are youtube videos of crochet too. :)

  2. Ohhhh neat!  Maybe once you learn, you can do a how-to post for the rest of us non-crochet-ers! 


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