Saturday, August 06, 2011


I swear I'm still working on a couple of house projects that I hope to get posted in the next couple of weeks. Before we leave for vacation, for sure. See? Proof.

But that's not the only painting I've recently taken up.

A couple of weeks ago I said something to Alan about having taken two semesters of painting (and drawing) in college and I think he was shocked since we don't have any of my "original art" hanging in our house. Tons of photos I've taken, to be sure, but nothing that I painted. I have two pretty terrible paintings in equally terrible frames hiding under our bed but that's about it. In response to the reminder about my "artistic training" he told me I should paint a tree mural in the small dark hallway at the back of the house. Um, I got a B- and a C+, respectively in said courses. About 13 years ago. I'm not so sure I'm up to painting a full mural on one of our walls. 

But I do miss painting, even if I'm not great at it. 

So yesterday I picked up some paint and canvases at Michaels and got to work. At first I was really disappointed with what I had. I can doodle the hell out of trees but I've never been able to paint them. Something about the intricacies of the branches and detail on the leaves. But I was undeterred. At the end of the night I was kind of liking the way it looked but there was some depth missing. Today I picked up some gold metallic paint and added some bling to it. I also added a bit more green at the bottom and now I am actually kind of liking it. I think I might keep it.

Don't adjust your monitors. This photo was taken with an iPhone 3GS in a yellow room with a light that has a yellow cast. 

Here's the other one I did. As you'll see, it's much more abstract. I - pretentiously - call it Tropical Skies since it kind of reminds me of the ocean giving way to bright azure island skies. 

I have no idea where we'll put it. It matches the color scheme in our bedroom and Alan's office, but that's about it. Maybe it can take the place of a random photograph in our gallery wall? Before it's "finished" I need to paint the edges - probably the gray.

So that's what I've been up to when I'm supposed to be working on updating the bedroom and back room. 

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  1. Hey Becky,
    I love your paintings! When you commented on my post about art I decided to pop over and see if you shared any photos of your paintings, and sure enough - you did! That tree is crazy cool and I like the colors you chose for the abstract. Today may be the day I try making a painting for our bathroom, so thanks for the inspiration!
    Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont


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