Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chorizo, Chard & Poached Eggs

I've been asked (offline) about our new diet by a couple of interested parties, and the questions were so interesting - "If you don't eat grains, what do you eat?" or "No pasta? But you guys love pasta!" or "You've really cut out bread?" and finally, "What about alcohol? Isn't beer bad for you?" -  that I thought I'd use the blog to keep track of what we eat, how we cook it, and how it turns out. 

This morning I cooked up half a link of good chorizo and put it atop some sauteed chard from our garden. From there we topped it with two poached cage-free, pasture-raised eggs. It tasted great. We use a Calphalon egg poaching pan to cook our eggs so they come out very uniform and funky looking - like Jetsons' food. I really wish I could properly poach an egg on my own because I find a lot of beauty in how a poached egg looks. 

Everything tasted very good and the portion size was right on - not large, but satisfying. Unfortunately I'm sitting here several hours later having some gastritis issues - bloating, belching, pressure in upper abdomen area. This happened the last time I ate chorizo but I didn't think that was the culprit in that particular meal. Now I know. It looks like chorizo is off the list. Damn.


  1. jenniferinclyde4:07 PM

    Boo on the chorizo! Can you bacon - we've been eating a ton of uncured thick sliced bacon - I love to bake it in the oven (less messy) - that with spinach and eggs is a favorite of mine. You could cook the chard in a little bacon grease :-)

  2. jennifer - I have some bacon in the fridge but have been on a bacon haitus because I nearly overdosed on it a couple of weeks ago. It got to the point where I couldn't eat another single bite of bacon. It was a sad day! [But I do love baking it instead of frying it.]

  3. jenniferinclyde7:01 PM

    That IS sad when you can't bear to eat bacon! I'm not sure I can imagine that! Eating bacon is probably what made giving grains up okay for me ;-) I've also bought a breakfast type sausage that was really good - it has NY in the name- not pre-cooked, more natural than most and really good flavor. Ham is kind of good in the rotation too.

    I actually end up eating lots of left overs and leave eggs/bacon for the weekends.

  4. Seppo and I were talking about how we love doing Korean-style meat & lettuce wraps stuffed with vegetables for dinner. The only caveat is that pre-marinated stuff is often full of sugar/honey/corn syrup, so you really have get the lowest sugar marinade (the one I got was 1g sugar in 1/2 cup of marinade) or just make your own.

    You guys want to come over sometime soon for wraps?

  5. Unrelated to this post: I love the font you are using for your blog entry titles.


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