Friday, July 22, 2011

Curtain Redo

According to Alan I have a thing for curtains. Apparently I can never have too many. I'm not sure that's true, but I do like to switch it up in winter & summer to bring a different feel to the room. After years of the black & white sheers in our bedroom - both during summer and winter - I switched 'em out for white linen(esque) curtains that (in my opinion) were too stark for the space. I saw some curtains online that I liked but at $69/panel that was never going to happen. And then I found something similar at Cost Plus World Market on my way home from work the other night so I snatched up all six panels they had left in the 84 inch size. I hung them up before picking Alan up from work - I was torn.

It was an improvement, but I couldn't quite decide how I felt about 'em. That's usually a sign, right? Alan walked in and declared he was "not a fan." Words he used included "granny" and "cave." He thought maybe he'd wait to see them in the morning light before reserving final judgement but by that point I was of a similar mind. So down they came. And now we have only our roller shades keeping out the light and peeping toms' prying eyes.

I'm thinking if that pattern had been on a white background we would have felt drastically different about the whole setup. Maybe. Who knows. I hate getting something home that I was excited about in the store only to realize that it was a bad decision (Dwell bedding, anyone). I'm going to take these back tomorrow but in the meantime I'm on the hunt for something new. Got any recommendations?