Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Big Box Retailing

Several months ago we found out they were putting in a Target store where the old Home Expo was located, just minutes from my house. The Albany/Richmond Target isn't that far from my house but you have to avoid going there from 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. because you have to jump on the freeway and endure the absolute worst traffic ever. Hearing that there'd be a new Target store a mere 20 blocks from my house had me excited and giddy as it really is one of my happiest places on Earth.

As I drove by two weeks ago I saw a sign go up that said its grand opening would take place while we're on vacation. Drats. I always love visiting a store when it's fresh and new. Then yesterday Alan read a local blog that said they'd have special preview shopping on Wednesday. TODAY! So you can imagine I was excited to hop in the car and head on over. In addition to some staples (flour, sugar, candles) I also picked up some adorable graphic print file folders for my desk, two new solid color waffle weave(ish) curtains for the living room (simplify!) and a $14 tan suede ottoman for the office - something I've desperately needed since we first purchased the leather chairs. Finally, a place to put my feet up and relax! Oh, and I picked up a jaunty little straw fedora to wear in Hawaii since I commandeered Alan's while we were in Jamaica last year. I love hats.

Across the street from Target is Home Depot. I stopped in to return the grill cover we bought this weekend that was too small (who doesn't put the size on the box?!). While there I purchased a cheap 8x10 area rug. We'll see how this one does for me and my terrible allergies. It's a low pile so there won't be any shedding and I sniffed the model in the store like a blood hound and didn't detect any of that nauseating burning rubber smell our current rugs emit, so hopefully I've found a cheap fix for our rug problem. It's also a solid color so hopefully it helps in simplifying our living room as well. I just hope it doesn't turn out to be too monochromatic.


  1. Monique J9:45 AM

    Check Costco for the grill cover - we were at our local one this past weekend and they had a heavy duty one that was about 68" I believe for about $19

  2. I seem to recall that over the years when you are dissatified with something you take the bull by the horns and write a formal complaint. I sent a formal complaint to the CEO of Target at the beginning of this year regarding their shipping procedures (I received three damaged shipments in a row including a 52" screen TV). I never got a response. I sent a second letter after I received an aplogy letter fom One Kings Lane detailing their practices when someone receives merchandise damaged in shipping from OKL. Again, I never received a response. I really like much of the merchandise at Target but have vowed to refrain from them since my complaints went ignored. If you ever have the need to complain to Target regarding something and are successfully acknowledged would you please post your approach?


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