Monday, February 07, 2011

Confession Time

I can't believe I'm putting this out there for all the world (well, those who read this blog anyway) to see.

We still haven't taken down our Christmas tree.

Every weekend we say, "let's take down the tree." And then we don't.

About two weeks ago I started removing the ornaments but then I got sidetracked by something else. Oops. Because our tree sits off in the corner of a room we don't use it's not really in the way. And it's not like we turn on the lights or anything. But it does sit in a window and it's been warm here so I've had the curtains pulled back & the windows opened. I wonder if our neighbors think we're insane.

Maybe we'll take it down this weekend.


  1. Ah, mine is still up too, and it "was" a live tree. Who knows WHEN the darn thing will come down - maybe next weekend if it rains?? (it was too gorgeous to do it yesterday!)

  2. My confession - I hoped someone else would chime in and say theirs was still up too!

  3. If it makes you feel any better, I just put our Halloween pumpkin in the green bin yesterday! (It wasn't carved of course, or it would have gone in long ago...but still, I think our neighbors were starting to wonder!) I think you're all good. :)

  4. The only reason mine is down is because Ange helped me take it down a few weeks back (including taking it all - tree and tubs of ornaments/decorations) to the basement since Sean's motto is if I decorate for a holiday, I have to clean up from the holiday. Yes, even ready to give birth any day, he told me that.


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