Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Yesterday we woke up to blue skies and high temps (mid-60s) so rather than sitting around the house all day doing nothing we decided to head out to our local wilderness for a quick and not strenuous hike (remember, I'm still recovering from The Plague). There's a path up in Joaquin Miller Park that Alan's cross country team used to run and we've walked many times - it's flat and no more than a mile so I knew that I could do it without causing my lungs to pop out of my chest. I didn't expect it to be so darn nice and beautiful though for early February.

Did I mention this is a mere 10 minutes away from our house?

Afterwards we went to one of our favorite breakfast joints in Berkeley, Rick & Ann's Cafe. While the greek omelet I got was good, and Alan's red hash continues to hit the spot, I was less than impressed with their bloody mary and the service. Toward the end of our meal they sat a family next to us and I kid you not, they actually lifted a high chair directly over my head to get it to the table. For the last ten minutes of our brunch I was hunching over at my table hoping that no one hit me in the back or dropped anything over my head. And no one seemed to notice this was maybe not the best way to go about seating these people. I'm thinking that might be our last time there for awhile.

We had planned to grill up some ribs for dinner but our friends Seppo & Ei-Nyung called us to meet them at sushi boat (I have an irrational love of sushi boat meals) so we hung out with them for the night, finally making it home around 1:30 a.m.

And now I'm exhausted and hoping the cappuccino Alan made for me this morning injects a bit of livelihood into me because otherwise I might need a nap in about an hour.