Thursday, January 22, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Alameda Christmas Lights

I did a really poor job of documenting Christmas this year. Actually, that's not entirely true. I took my camera everywhere and have a ton of pictures that show exactly how wonderful our 2014 holiday season was. The problem is that I never took them off the camera - until now. So, in honor of Throwback Thursday, here are some pictures from Thompson Street in Alameda - aka Christmas Tree Lane. We go here every year to walk the one block street and admire the creative, outlandish, and amazing things the people who live in this neighborhood do with Christmas lights. Year after year many of the front yards stay the same, and in some cases that's good because what they've managed to achieve is simply extraordinary. My absolute favorite is the house that is decorated in a The Nightmare Before Christmas theme with dancing lights set to the movie's What's This song. I wish I had a video of it because it's just that good.

alameda_xmas_DSC_0172 alameda_xmas_DSC_0177 alameda_xmas_DSC_0146 alameda_xmas_DSC_0148 alameda_xmas_DSC_0153 alameda_xmas_DSC_0155 alameda_xmas_DSC_0157 alameda_xmas_DSC_0158 alameda_xmas_DSC_0160 alameda_xmas_DSC_0161 alameda_xmas_DSC_0162 alameda_xmas_DSC_0164 alameda_xmas_DSC_0165 alameda_xmas_DSC_0167