Wednesday, February 06, 2013


We left a couple of our rugs at the old house for immediate disposal. (Confession: Dakota had some accidents on them so they stink to high heaven.) We moved the red rug from our bedroom into the new living room and my old office rug is in the office here. We don't need a rug in the bedroom because it's got carpet. What we do need, however, is a kitchen rug and a hallway runner.

I'm a bit torn here, however, on what type of rug I want exactly. I know that it can't be wool. Unfortunately those things shed like the dickens and their minuscule little fibers get in my nose and throat and give me terrible allergies and coughing fits. For years I thought I had asthma; turns out I just can't have wool rugs. So that means I need to go with a synthetic fiber which most people abhor. Since Dakota is aged and therefore prone to accidents, I'm okay with the synthetic fibers because they better withstand steam cleaning and carpet shampooing. They're also significantly cheaper so when we have to throw them away (after multiple shampoos), I don't feel so badly about it.

I know that I want a more traditional look. And ideally it'd coordinate with the red rug in our living room. But that was the cheapest rug known to man kind and who's to say that we'll have it for a long time? Do I want to base the rest of my decor decisions on an item that might only be here for a few more months? Do I want to go with something more neutral throughout the rest of the house so that if we do decide to move away from the red we'll be okay? See? So much confusion.

In the kitchen, I'm really drawn to a more traditional, and warm look. Something like these. has a couple of options in the 3x5 / 4x6 range, but not a ton. In fact, some of the ones that I had previously bookmarked are gone. I just scoured and didn't see anything that I love. I don't want to spend a fortune because we're messy in the kitchen.

And that brings me to the hallway runner. You can see the kitchen from the hallway so we definitely want something that will play well with whatever we come up with in the kitchen. Damn open floor plans making my decorating choices so difficult.


  1. letsjustbuildahouse4:56 PM

    i LOVE all three of those rugs. I am on the lookout for something of similar style so let me know if you find something :)

    also i agree with the open floor plan making it hard...and i thought it would be easier!

  2. eBay has been the only place I've found that has these rugs. 3x5's start around $99.


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