Monday, October 29, 2012


Early last week I received an email from a house rental agency in Lake Tahoe that we rented a gorgeous house from back in 2007. There was snow in them thar hills! I became very excited and decided that we simply had to go to Tahoe for the weekend. It being pre-season, the prices for hotels was very reasonable. After talking it over with Alan we booked an overnight stay at the Village at Squaw Valley and hoped the snow would continue.

Our drive up was eventful only in that it was the fastest we've ever made it up to the North Shore as there was virtually no traffic on the roads. Pulling in to Squaw we encountered the same thing. While there was snow on the ground and on the mountains, they weren't opening the lifts until November 21 so the place was essentially deserted. This was great for us as it meant we could check into our very nice one bedroom condo and have the amazing jacuzzi all to ourselves. It was awesome to watch the sun set, the full moon come out, and the stars follow in its wake.

We had dinner at the Tahoe Brewing Company in Tahoe City, watching the SF Giants win game 3 of the world series, before heading back to the condo. We finished the night with a glass of Angel's Envy bourbon and a round of Ticket to Ride on the iPad. Oh, and we watched some truly horrible television. I fear for the future of our country. :-)