Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I'm going through another round of bad health so while I have a ton of things I'd like to be doing - including a couple of projects around the house that I've been planning for awhile - I'm not doing them. Instead, I'm spending a lot of time in my office working, or on the couch watching tv, reading, and surfing the 'net.

During this extended internet time, I've recently unsubscribed from a lot of blogs because I wasn't feeling inspired by the content any longer, or I couldn't remember why I'd subscribed in the first place. In general, I'm feeling very blah by the whole "lifestyle blogger" movement and all of its various conferences and cliques. That said, there is some great stuff out there in the blogosphere that I am loving. Here are just a few of them.

Design*Sponge Sneak Peek: Rebekka and Manley Seale

This house, located in East Nashville, reminds me so much why I love bungalows. The rooms are small, cozy, and what I consider to be just the right size. Rebekka and Manley's style is different than my own, but I love the way they've combined eclectic finds - both old and new - to create a home that is filled with warmth and life. 

The Lovely Cupboard - Hello Dolly Bars

Minus the Kashi, my grandma used to make these for me every Christmas. They are the most amazing treat you could ever imagine. After my grandma passed away, we didn't find any recipes of hers, so I was never quite sure what went into this or how to make it. I can no longer eat these sort of treats, but I will forever be nostalgic for the flavors. The thing that I loved most about Heather's post was while we never knew what these bars were called, when I was a little girl my Grandma called me Dolly.

Chezerbey - The Nursery

What's this? Me posting a nursery?! Before you start reading anything too sinister into this know that no, I am not pregnant, nor will I ever be pregnant, and that's the way we like it 'round these parts. Now usually I skip over nursery posts. I admit, I'm a judgy bitch and I tend to think that people spend far too much time and money designing overdone rooms for little people who will never notice that their space is lovely. I also find kids to be the dirty little devils, incapable of keeping even the most lovingly designed space clean so I tend to find beautiful nurseries a hilarious concept. But ... BUT. Check it out. Not overdone. Minimalist. Lovely. And perfectly and seamlessly blended in to the rest of the house. Oh, and I absolutely adore the paint color. In fact, I pinned this room as inspiration for one of those projects I mentioned in the opening paragraph of this blog.

So there you have it - some good stuff on the interwebs. What are you loving this week?


  1. jenny7:42 AM

    Mom told me those Dolly things?  Yeah, the back of I think the Tollhouse chocolate chip bag.  I wonder if we can't sort of recreate the taste a little bit.  Coconut, some dark chocolate, some almond or coconut flour...you know for a holiday treat. :)  They were the bomb.  Grandma had mad skills of making treats.  She made a lemony treat that I was also in love with. :)

  2. Just like Pheobe's cookie recipe!


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