Friday, November 11, 2011


It's cold & rainy here in Oakland so it's finally starting to feel like autumn. Unfortunately, there isn't an orange or red tree between here and the Whole Foods I visited a couple of miles away today so I'm taking our parade of homes up to Seattle where it's also cold and rainy but where they do see fall colors.

Seattle is a city that I absolutely love, so much so that we went twice in one year (admittedly the second time was for a friend's wedding, but I jumped at the chance to go even though it wasn't a convenient time having just returned from vacation the weekend before). It's by far one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen. The view of Elliott Bay from downtown is breathtaking, especially when the Olympic Peninsula's peaks are covered in snow. I was even excited to go on a three-day work trip up there in June even though I loathe traveling for work. During our breaks from the meeting, while everyone else was checking their BlackBerry or getting caught up on email on their laptop, I was standing outside under an awning in the rain getting caught up on email on my iPhone. That's how much I love Seattle.

Using the same parameters I've gone with before, here are my favorite housing pics in Seattle. This time I've included neighborhoods as well since that makes a lot of difference in Seattle (just like here in Oakland).

Neighborhood: Central Business District

Neighborhood: Alki

Neighborhood: Madrona

Neighborhood: Wallingford

Neighborhood: Belltown

Neighborhood: Adams

Neighborhood: Wallingford
Neighborhood: Mann

Neighborhood: Fremont

Neighborhood: Broadview