Monday, October 31, 2011


For the first time in a very long time we got dressed up and made our way to a Halloween party. I'd forgotten how much I loved getting all done up in costume. I also forgot how long it takes to get black eye makeup completely off. I still have raccoon eyes!

We've decorated the front porch, bought candy, and we're looking forward to welcoming trick-or-treaters to our place tonight. At the end of the block my weird ass neighbors are putting together a bonafide hippie drum circle so we'll see if that does anything to impact the historically low traffic we've gotten to our house. 

Whatever you're doing this Halloween, may it be a fun and safe one!

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  1. Baby soap will take the black makeup off and be gentle on your skin.  And it smells good.  It's cheap.  And it's shelf stable for a long time, unlike some makeups and makeup removers.  I found out when I wore makeup one day and discovered my make up remover was too old.


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