Thursday, March 24, 2011

master bedroom design ideas

To my mind, one of the hardest things to do is combine patterns in a way that doesn't jar the eye. Recently I have failed in that endeavor in both the living room and the bedroom. With the new solid-colored rug in the living room I feel like maybe we're almost there. The bedroom is just a big old mess ... but I have some ideas!

First, I love the color of our walls and I am not going to change that. We painted that room the rich peacock color it is nearly five years ago, well before it was the hip thing to do. I plan on having that color up on my walls long after some other color has come along and claimed the throne of hipdom. Curtains are always tricky for me, especially with that wall color. The pattern we have now pops really nicely against the wall, but then you have to be careful that the crazy print doesn't clash with your bedding. That's one of the issues we're currently facing. Teal walls, black & white curtains, white bedding with red accents and an old-timey red quilt is, simply put, kind of all over the place. And then we have random photos hung on the walls that don't really have any relation to the decor whatsoever - they're just pictures I took years ago that I really liked and they've been in those same frames since then, regardless of what's in the immediate vicinity. When you factor in that our furniture is very clearly a combination of Ikea and castoffs it all combines to create a really frenetic environment which is definitely NOT what you want going on in the master bedroom.

Thankfully I am not without ideas on how to fix this current dilemma.
  • Keep the furniture (obviously), making sure that Alan's bedside table gets a coat (or three) of white paint in the coming weeks
  • Switch out the crazy print sheers for gray or silver velvet drapes
  • Put the red country quilt away until Christmas; replace it with a throw or quilt in the light gray family
  • Switch out the old photos for some original art from Etsy
  • Light colored rug under the bed (this is mostly for Dakota since she's getting old and needs something to plant on when jumping up into bed)
I'm digging the gray accents because it's a way to tie the bathroom and the bedroom together now that we've finished painting the bathroom Martha Stewart's Zinc.

So, what does that all look like?