Tuesday, January 18, 2011

problems with our windows

We have some projects here at the casa that are ongoing, but nothing right now that is worth talking about or showing pictures But trust me, the time will come. (We've got a bathroom makeover in the works that even in its "during" state is a huge improvement over what we had before but I want to hold off for a high impact reveal.)

I know a lot of people that read our blog are interested in updates on the house, so as to give you what you want, boy do I have a post for you!

Do y'all remember back in the Fall of 2008 when we got new windows put in? It was a beautiful day. And then winter came and the angels rejoiced because when it rained, our window sills wouldn't flood. And in the morning when the garbage truck came, our windows wouldn't rattle in their own sashes. Yes, it was truly a happy time.

One of these new windows is directly behind our bed, but we keep the shade drawn about 97% of the time because it looks out directly into our next door neighbors' kitchen, and they spend a lot of time in there. I'm not really down with them being able to see into my bedroom and I doubt they really want to see me anyway, so keeping the blinds drawn just seems like the best course of action for everyone involved. [And no, we can't move our bed. Because of all the doors in our room there's no other wall for it to go on without us having to get rid of a dresser and that ain't happening.]

(The red rag rug, paper lantern and curtains have been changed, but otherwise everything is the same. In fact, this is the exact bedding that I'm sitting under right this very minute.)

Where was I? Oh right, the glorious, perfect, wondrous windows.

Um, right.

This weekend we had Christmas 2 at the casa and we wanted it to be all light & bright so people wouldn't think we live in a cave. Part of that was opening up all the shades (because we don't normally) and that's when we found it - MOLD! *IN* our window. Not on the outside, not inside, but in between the two panes of glass are hundreds (thousands?!) of tiny little mold spores!!

Where did they come from? When did they come from? And most of all, how the eff do we get rid of them without replacing the whole damn pane of glass?

You see, there's a bit of a situation with our windows. We had them done on the side. By a guy who didn't return any of our phone calls when a piece of plastic on one of the other windows broke off about a year and a half ago. We have no way of getting in touch with the guy who did them, no contract, nothing. I know it was dumb but the guy came recommended from a friend who just had his windows done and the price was right. It was either go this route or the $40k Andersen windows and I'm a girl that likes my vacations better than I like windows so that wasn't going to happen.

But now we're sitting here saying, "well hot damn, would you look at that." I imagine we're going to have to get some window people out here to take a look at this because this little bit of drama is well beyond our DIY skillz.