Friday, October 14, 2011


In October we used to take a quick, four-day trip to Ohio to visit my sister & her family the weekend before Halloween. Autumn is my favorite time of year and unless you're lucky enough to live somewhere that has a real autumn show, you've never seen anything quite like it.

We didn't go last year because we went at Christmas instead. We didn't go this year because we went for the 4th of July instead. But now here it is October 14 and my sister is posting pics of her kids at the town's Halloween festival and I'm kind of bummed we're not there. I saw great airfare for week long trips from Cleveland to SFO but no dice on short getaways from Oakland to Cleveland. In keeping with the Halloween theme, boo.

Since we can't be there this year instead I'm going to post some pictures from past trips to help me get in the Autumn spirit. (I'm working from my corporate HQ today and it's about 80 degrees down here - decidedly NOT autumnal.)

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  1. We miss you guys this year! :)  The leaves are going to be fantastic this weekend and next, I think. :) SW has fares for $129 each way, but that's just not very cheap when you need both ways for two.


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