Monday, October 01, 2012


For the first time ever, last autumn I really thought about what went into decorating our fireplace mantel. Previously it was just a collecting place for random things that didn't have a home anywhere else. And then I started trying. And then I stopped. My mantel has looked the same pretty much for the entirety of 2012. 

So when Jeanette at This Dusty House was looking for volunteers for a blogger collaboration/challenge, I was game for a change.

I was on my way to the only dollar store I know of in the area when I was almost robbed. This, naturally, threw me off my game a bit. I came home and Alan drove me over. I was VERY disappointed in this particular dollar store in terms of home decor items. If I wanted wrapping paper, bows, and other items of that sort I would have been in luck. Alas, the only thing I found that was even remotely acceptable was dried eucalyptus and I have an aversion to it in homes as my allergies act up so bad around it. I know the point of the challenge was to stick with the dollar store, but I really wanted to give this a go. There is a Tuesday Morning down the street so I popped in there and found a handful of really cute items. They were only $2.97/each so I feel like I am participating in the spirit of the challenge. 

Stay tuned on Wednesday for the reveal.

In the meantime, check out the blogs of the other participants:


  1. Um. Almost robbed?!? Holy crap. Off your game indeed! I'm glad you're powering through despite near-muggings.

    It's definitely in the spirit of the challenge! From scratch, for cheap. Can't wait to see the finished result tomorrow!

  2. I'm going to work on it tonight while I start cleaning the house for the Realtor's visit.


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